Standard boarding rates

(valid as of 1/7/2016)

$19 /cat/ day         

$22 /dog/ day

($5/dog/day surcharge for entire dogs over 1yr of age)

This includes:

- Trampoline bed for dogs/nook and scratch post for cats
- Daily holistic dry premium food plus home cooked chicken risotto for dogs and wet food for cats as required. Own diet can be fed.
- Medication eaten with food
- minimum of 5 hrs playtime a day for dogs and 2 times roam for cats
- Complimentary bath for all stays of 5 days or more for dogs (excluding peak periods)

OPTIONAL EXTRAS (Extras /day can only be booked for full stay duration)

Daily brush (5min brush +/-coat conditioning as required)

Swim (10min, buoyancy vests available) * (DOGS)

Agility (10min fun only agility) (DOGS)

Walk (10min) *  (DOGS)

Treat seek (10mins of searching for hidden treats) (DOGS)

Indoor/outdoor room (CATS)

Extra Playtime (Additional 10mins) *  (CATS)

Adventure room (room designed for climbing with centre post and additional shelves, only one standard and one deluxe room available)   (CATS)

Guaranteed facebook photos (placed up in our daily album charged/day)

MMS updates (sent to designated phone, charged/message)

Pheremone collars (natural hormone collars to assist in decreasing stress)

Bed hire

Medication hand fed/ ear drops/ eye medication

Hydrobath on departure (DOGS)

Monthly worming/flea and tick treatment (product provided by customer)

AFPR monthly worming/flea and tick treatment (product provided by AFPR)

Flea and tick collar (dogs)

Flea collar (cats)

Transport to and from the facility

Full grooming by appointment

Nail trim



















From $30 each, dependant upon location. Please ask.

From $60